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Two removable inserts give you numerous adjustments to change the shape & height to suit your personal comfort needs.  It’s your choice!
Its unique temperature-sensitive pliability enables it to mold & conform to the head & neck for near-weightless comfort & support, encouraging correct spinal alignment.For perfect SIDE and BACK sleeping.  This pillow is made with two types of memory foam for more comfort & more support where needed.

  • Designed & recommended by Doctors
  • Promotes healthy posture & better sleep
  • Has a patented multi-positional design for up to 16 sleeping options
  • Ventilated to stay cooler
  • Hypoallergenic
Knee Tech Space-Foam Pillow

Contoured design reduces strain and promotes proper cervical positioning. The advanced technology SPACE-FOAM conforms to your anatomy changing shape as you move. It’s thermo-sensetive properties respond to your natural body heat with comforting support.Many Chiropractors agree that sleeping on your side with your knees bent is the right choice for a healthy back. Sleeping on your side does put strain on your hips, back & knees. This is why it’s also recommended that you sleep with the Knee Tech Space-Foam Pillow.