Koreena Brady, M.A, C.C.C., R.C.C.

Registered Clinical Counsellor


IMG_4302Koreena Brady brings over 12 years of clinical counselling experience to Pitt Meadows Wellness. She cares for not only the members of her community but the people she has the privilege of working with. Her commitment to her work shows not only in her client centered collaborative approach to clinical counselling but also in the diverse interventions she uses including EMDR, trauma counselling, and solution focussed therapy, to name a few. She believes that everyone has the ability to make changes to improve their overall emotional and mental wellbeing. Koreena Brady enjoys being part of the Pitt Meadows Wellness  team because of her strong belief that wellness is holistic.

Prior to the onset of counselling, a fifteen minute free phone consultation with Koreena is available to briefly address counselling as well as scheduling needs. Individual, couples and family counselling sessions are one hour in length. An initial thorough assessment is done to determine the client’s counselling goals and to determine the best therapeutic approach. Areas of focus in the assessment are psycho-educational, self esteem, skills building, all emotional and/or mental health concerns (including anxiety and depression), trauma history, relational and self awareness or awareness of other community resources.

Koreena Brady has worked as an addictions counsellor as well as a trauma counsellor in the community. She has extensive experience with sexual abuse, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, boundary setting, attachment and relationship issues. Koreena works within a systemic framework when counselling families and addressing parenting issues. She counsels individuals, youth, couples and families.

Her passion for being a mother of two (9 and 19) helps her to understand both the challenges and joys of being a parent as well the struggles that children and youth may experience. Her love of family and her commitment to her work provide her with a healthy balance in her life. She understands that life is about maintaining that healthy balance and to remember to have fun. A busy lifestyle can often stand in the way of these needs and it is Koreena’s hope that if this is the situation she can help her clients get back on their right path.

Koreena Brady is registered with the Crime Victim Assistance Program of BC. As a registered clinical counsellor her services may be covered by extended health plans. If unsure please inquire with your extended health plan.

Koreena Brady is available daytime and evening hours. Please contact Koreena on her confidential cell phone number provided above for your free consultation. It may be the best decision you’ve ever made.