Dr. Liz McCrindle, BSc, DC

Dr. Liz McCrindle is dedicated to enhancing her patients’ health & wellness through chiropractic care. She graduated from San Jose’s Palmer College of Chiropractic & has set up a family-oriented wellness practice at Pitt Meadows Wellness Centre. Dr. Liz’s practice is open to men & women, young & old; however, she has also completed post-doctorate training in pediatrics & perinatal care, allowing her to add special emphasis on kids & expectant moms in her practice. As a resident of Port Coquitlam, Dr Liz is pleased to offer wellness care to her community and beyond.

She emphasizes the importance of prevention & teaches her patients how to actively participate in their own health to create a wellness state. She is proficient in many different chiropractic techniques which allows her to recommend an adjustment style & program of care that is right for you.

Dr. Liz is currently accepting new patients.

Liz works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday